Friday, June 22, 2012

I feel better today, found a new therpist so to speak..or possibly found a new therapist. Relaunched my rather primitive website again, eventually hope to learn more modern programming techniques. I also feel im getting closer to my computer goals as far as working in the field, im not qualified at the present, but im working on educational, goals for the short and long term.

Talked to someone in depth today about my present stresses, backed up files to my server farm from my computer. I spoke to a old friend today, and am filling in for someone in AA in H&I at Marin general hospital on Sunday.

Spoke to AF & YV today, as well as DLG. Working on contacting an atty for an appeal for something, most likely at present leaning away from professional driving, or at least putting it as an eventual goal when I get older if my health is good. Leaning toward employment and educational goals.

Marin has been a good and bad change for me in ways I wont share as publicly. But I did launch a more private on line journal on my server-farm. To process my more private thoughts.

I'm achieving quite a bit of savings goals, and due to my feet and mouth hurting from dental surgery not going to hang out with friends in the city this weekend. I'm working on some spiritual goals and bringing a speaker into MGH this weekend.

I also am not going to any of the various county fairs this year, for finance reasons, and making goals toward my future.

I hurt sometimes inside though trying to figure out who I am for the longest time I thought I had the answers, but I do-not. I try to find the answers, but also dont wish to shut the door on my past. Even though I feel on one had I wasted some of my life away on the other hand, of flip side I feel I gained better insight into myself and who I am and who I'm not.

I keep working toward a better and brighter future.
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