Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Took care of dental work today but have to go back to a specialist in July, turns out I lost one of my wisdom teeth and its too close to the gum line for the regular dentist to extract whats left, sadly im in massive pain, off and on but over the counter medication (Advil) helps greatly.

I could have made a more recent appointment but would have had to travel to napa, pinole or vicaville. I dont think I want to make that trip despite having a friend or two near those areas.

Im planning my future have an disability appointment on the 18th of June to see if im entiled to additional benefits, but my heart is set on returning to work.

I may travel some in November if things dont work out or go see family in New Orleans Perhaps on a 15 day Amtrak rail pass. Just a day or two in New Orleans. Anyway more details to follow.

Im also checking out SLE which I hate the idea of going into a institution and dont like places that make money off the program, but on the other hand its better than possibly having no place to go.

Im making progress in my goals, went to the bank today to discuss something and obtain documents.

I also have to go to work tommorow and meet with my AA sponsor, and need to make it to some DA,OA,SLAA meetings.

Making peace with my inner demons, someone accused me of something untrue at the time. Ive been guilty of being a busy-body in the past, but I was standing up lightheaded staring into space due to my dental issues and pain which I didn't sleep very well last night I only got 3 hours of sleep and had to be out the door by 7am

I am presently doing laundry as I compose this blog post.
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