Monday, June 25, 2012

I found peace with some of my inner demons. I think my life is getting better one day at a time, im working a good spiritual program. I'm not sure if I agree with religion or not anymore, some might argue for a long time I lived in sin. That may or may not be true, im not sure what my viewpoints are anymore.

Have an appointment at a collage next week. Dropped off my resume~ a few places this weekend in the city and east bay.

I felt lost for a long time in direction, and even depressed but less and less that is the case.

I posted my resume online....easy to find. And backed up files from my computer to my web server.
Have a plan to go back to school, moving in November not sure where yet... but I have a backup plan, and a failsafe backup plan(s) out of Marin county or might couch surf a night or two....lately Ive allays had the door open for me where I want to go

awaiting a warranty replacement for my computer backpack.
Leigh McInnis Gaetjens PO Box 150063 San Rafael, CA 94915-0063 (415) 572-4169

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