Thursday, June 14, 2012

I ran into someone from a 12step program that wonders “if I'm still going to meetings?” which I am just not as many at the Marin Alano club, I have swapped up meetings as of present living up in novato. Have to go to the almedia county clerk recorders office to obtain a certified copy of my birth certificate tomorrow. I need it for a appointment on Monday at the disability office.

Used a gift card today @ star-bucks its hot lately. I went to the dentist today and was issued prescriptions for dental pain and a oral wash. I'm getting used to tooth #32 removed and the pain is less painful.

Attempted to contact an atty about the disabled adult child thing im working on which I seem to qualify. And is the reasoning around going to the clerk recorders office.

Looking forward towards getting off probation and getting an expungement from the judge after September 7th 2012

Making progress in various 12-step programs, pondering not going back to my old faith given the pain and issues it caused me and when others were not as supportive and I felt overly judgmental watched a good documentary on religious bullcrap. I dont think I do religion anymore, but have a god of my own understanding or higher power to speak of.
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