Friday, June 15, 2012

The the plan is simple, stay & clean and sober and work the 12-steps. Called my sponsor about my dental work and some medication I have to take. Also called probation and other folks to inform them about this matter. I have to use a oral rinse to keep the swelling down and keep my dental work from getting infected.

I went to Oakland today to obtain a certified copy of my birth certificate from the clerk recorders office. Went to a meeting in the east bay met with AF, called a few friends, had peets coffee a friend bought it for me.

Making progress in my finance goals, savings and toward a brighter future have an appointment for school two appointments actually in the next 2 months from now, have a few other things to do today.

Sent a few e-mails out to friends, family and support groups. Stopped by the salvation army to check on something see whats going on down at the office. About to take a shower before I eat dinner.

Still working on my website, and a few other things. On step 7 still. In AA. Step 4 in OA,DA,SLAA. Progress not perfection I think, discussed with a friend some of the LDS faith and my take on it having gone that route, I find spirituality more in 12-step meetings than I do religion these days. I suppose I would call myself agnostic or spiritual not religious.

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