Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For ages I hurt in the soul, my stalker and person with issues that she needs to sort out does-not bother me, I have my own problems, I grow tired of Marin, perhaps ill elope after probation is over or not. I want to get situated somewhat. Marin has been good to me in someways, other ways its too boring and quiet.

I hurt for a long time but don't hurt anymore, my life was bad and I have had my ups and downs.
Have some business to attend to before the week is over or next week perhaps. My friends are good somewhat to me, some I care not to share drama in AA meetings even though I have a burning desire of sorts, ill wait tiill I'm ready to share it.

My life could be far off worse at the moment, yet I know the light at the end of the tunnel is looming, and it will get better, if I work towards it and I am & shall.
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