Wednesday, May 16, 2012

slept well, awake at 4:30 am this morning, well rested even though i feel asleep shortly after midnight. going to a job fair for whole foods market in a week. Taking life as it comes to me, i hope to god while im living at my present location untill my apartment is ready, i dont have to do one of those relapse prevention bullshit groups, i dont like substance abuse groups other than aa, or aa meetings that arnt officaly listed in the directory or have a gsr or igr/ifb rep that dont extend the hand of aa at that service level.

I also like DA, OA, SLAA meeting which help me with various other additions such as compulsive debiting, compulsive overeating or sex addition.

even though im going a dark period currently, i see the light @ the end of the tunnel. though a bit far away

lately and in the past i feel perscution or fear of it, from people from my past or becuase of various dry drunk spells in recovery, my mental break down, my 15 seconds of shame, my complusive overeating, my sex addition, or complusive debiting.

Im not going to "go out over this" i shared some of this with YV and RD in a email i sent before bed last night, its good to get things out and not bottle it up so to speak KM & DB said when i have my hearing in september ill be done with probation and likely now i can start the process of my expungement at least even though my crime shows up on google it wont show up on my driving record, and than after my expungment i can slowly one day @ a time work toward my goal of professional truck driving. i plan to drive a taxi in the city for a while to boost my resume towards that goal.

Looking back i feel i wasted a lot of time in soberity, talked to a old friend from lambda center in houston where I became sober on july 13, 2007. i just had underlying issues which are under control and became an unwelcome hanger on at some places we might get together for some reunion of soberity and the fellowship

sadly i didnt really do aa meetings in new orleans i look foward to my upcoming trip there in 2013 to do so, im likely to go on an amtrak rail pass around the country for two weeks out of town stopping in New Orleans and possibly Houston Salt Lake city and Los angles area , possibly with a run to porland and seattle as well.

the wifi up here is ok, but sometimes it sucks. i think i might use my celluar modem gets coverage up here too many folks where im living useing up bandwith.

Leigh McInnis Gaetjens PO Box 150063 San Rafael, CA 94915-0063 (415) 572-4169

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