Sunday, May 13, 2012

moving to my own apartment in marin county in under 6 months life is good, and marin has been a change for the better, my old landlord and housemate is headed to prision for a 3rd strike under californias 3 strikes law. he relapsed and went psycho.

moving to novato for a while from san rafael, and taking life as it comes i feel at a disadvange given i called the east bay and san francisco home for a extended period of time, but marin has been good to me and if it aint broke dont fix it, prehaps ill work on myself furthering educational goals, and working ive been actvely seeking employment and have had some leads that appear, to be positive and uplifting.

I wasted a lot of my life on drinking, debiting, sex addiction and compulsive overeating and as such go to AA, DA, SLAA, OA and work the 12-steps with various sponsors from each of the programs

I have ammends to make in san francisico, berkeley, oakland, alamedia, richmond, san jose, houston, pearland, sugarland, new orleans, harvey, etc

after things look up i may purchase a amtrak rail pass and go away for 14 days on a tour around the country and into canada prehaps and visit family in Louisiana and freinds in Texas and im on step 6 with my aa sponsor who is wonderful and advices me to stay in marin for a while hes a marin transplant also

Im glad my needs are met food, clothing, shelter ran into someone from the faithful fools today, and ran into my good friend bless, visted ron, and richard recently.

i have a lot of offer the world and my clergyman gave me wonderful advice, life is good but has been better. saw a guy die from addiction recently, and working on a 12-step email to make some ammends. i grow tired of preceived gossip about my various past addictions and criminal and civil transgresssions

after i move into my very own place, no roomates or anything in less than 6 months from now, i plan to try to try and make a 9th step with my father but put that in gods hands when my sponsor feel its ready, i brought a great deal of shame to him under the past 7 and half years and hurt becuase of it, id like to have a brotherhood or friendship under aa and get to know him but accept the reality i may have permenantly burned that bridge and put it in gods hands before i work on 9th step with my father martin, i plan to work on myself and rehabilation and possibly use a outside moderator to try and contact him to avoid further conflict with him and others i found i still have in the google cloud after my emotional breakdown his email address he asked me to use so prehaps he still checks

Leigh McInnis Gaetjens PO Box 150063 San Rafael, CA 94915-0063 (415) 572-4169

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