Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life is good, spoke to YV today, all is well. taking life as it comes. PD is checking the status of my expungement for my criminal history, which will help things when i attempt to start driving a taxi in San Francisico. Marin has been very good to me. spoke to a friend today that is wasteing their life away.

MY old landlord wasnt too thrilled to see me, he is in denial about his using and unprofessional and addict behavior. I wont be attending any more of his hearings to support him.

spoke to CN he is doing well, saw the other two tennants who has my old landlord arrested they are moving out i have the possible feeling he may make bond in a month or two. I hope he gets reality while detoxing in the marin county jail for the next few months.

I also hope, i am able to conitnue  to deal with my issues in sex and love addicts anon, debitors anon, over eaters anon, and AA the very first 12-step program lately for personaly obvious reasons i have been feeling stress.

Have a lot to move today, and might have to remove it possibly if its too much stuff where Im going, i hope it all fits in my new space. Im eagarly awaiing my new very own private apartment which im reassured should be a reality in under 6 months.

My uncle is doing well, im going to start attending a cretive writing group, i think on fridays before i travel from Novato to San Rafael. I hurt often with my life i feel before moving to Marin county with my insanity of 2 years 1 month sober and before i made peace with my resentments and issues. I hurt and was spirtualy adrift the thing that kept me clean & sober was AA 3x day for 2 years .

Sadly i became unwelcome in soberity and was hurting later i found hope and faith in SLAA, DA, OA and again in AA.

I presently in AA am on step 6 and progressing somewhat. I need to get my butt in gear with my homework,

anyway life is good but will be better i keep faith in a power greater than myself

Leigh McInnis Gaetjens PO Box 150063 San Rafael, CA 94915-0063 (415) 572-4169 lmgaetjens@gmail.com

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