Thursday, May 31, 2012

In pain as of lately, continuing to maintain sobriety through a rough time, share more on that later.
I had a resentment for a long time toward someone who I hurt long ago in Texas, and others in Louisiana and California. Working on improving my life, and not making prior mistakes.

My stalker left me alone, ironically enough Ive been on the other side of that fence at times. My pain and shame and own insecurity's were hurting for a while. But I made peace with my demons and leave those individuals alone and in gods hands.

Discussed taking a trip and making some phone calls after my probation is completed in September and making things right with my pickem up truck, my sponsor advised me to hold off a little longer, I have some things im going to work on first and would likely still resort to bus & bike transit.

Had some progress in my employment hunt. But I need to run to the dentist soon im in massive pain but defentatly going to follow up on those leads on Monday, it hurts to speak I lost my wisdom teeth 3 years ago almost and now im in pain.

I also may purchase a bigger pickup truck and sell my old ranger at some point, maybe a older model truck perhaps, im going to need to get work on my ford ranger to get it street legal again I may become a 2 auto household again perhaps. I was thinking a 2500,or 3500 diesel 4x4 or f250 or f350 perhaps.
Also a diesel 4x4 perhaps something from 1997 or 1998 given those diesels are smog exempt and most in that year do have abs as a option or standard on the higher trim lines.

Also a motorcycle or 150cc scooter is not out of the question. But first focus on building more stability in my life and home life, etc. working on my expungement after probation is over in September. As well as building resume and enrolling at collage of Marin and eventually city collage of San Francisco.

I also recently had my last session with my therapist, im eventually going to find a new one after I move into my new apartment around December.

My dreams of a Amtrak trip to New York and New Orleans as well as Washington DC on a rail pass is also on the horizon as well.

I also plan to visit Canada for a few days as well while on my trip both van cover and Montreal.

I spoke to DLG recently all is well. Have do deal with a few things with the Harris county tax accessors office and taxes department of public safety.
Ill try to do this over the phone and be professional again ill run it by my sponsor as many were unhelpful here but ill try and work out the issue.

Im finishing step 6 in AA and making progress in OA beyond step 3, and DA step 3, and SLAA step 4.
progress not perfection, linked up with a old friend from LAMBDA center in Houston, Texas who we share near the same sobriety date. Perhaps ill pay a visit to sonny & carter again.
Leigh McInnis Gaetjens PO Box 150063 San Rafael, CA 94915-0063 (415) 572-4169

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