Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Saw a baby deer today

Nature is grand moving temp. To novato from san rafael untill my new place is ready I grow tired of living collectiveally getting done with probation in september and starting to work on expungement I've learned my concquences of not taking good care of myself and my issues

I hurt sometimes for those I hurt but I can't change the past nor will I go out over it started taking some finance classes to improve myself and my budgeting

I am thinking of becomeing a member of noisebridge and ace monstor toys hacker spaces to network with geeks in addition to being currently a member of the marin alano club

I sometimes wish I hadn't had my issues in my upbringing I have a friend that's living a life of unsteady willpower and others grow tired of dealing with this individual with life on edge

Prehaps ill get my roots settled in san rafael again soon in my own apartment and live life in sollitude and peace again

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